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The Entrepreneurial Incubator Vukovar houses a laboratory for renewable energy research - sun, wind and hydrogen (hereinafter: Laboratory), which also serves as a reference centre for renewable energy sources.

The parts of the Laboratory:

1. Experimental set for energy production, storage and supply, essentially a complete micro-network for renewable energy sources, combining solar, wind and hydrogen and used in the observation of energy chain conversion and for research on the individual technologies;

2. A demonstrational and training unit for solar energy and hydrogen energy, comprised of a complete solar and hydrogen cycle, suited for the following research: molecular and chemical reactions, reaction speed, thermodynamic, electrochemical and energy conversions and their efficiencies;

3. Complete laboratory for renewable energy sources, comprising a system for transferring practical knowledge in the field of efficient energy management. This system combines renewable energy generation - solar, wind and hydrogen, with modern storage technology for the purpsoe of creating an autonomous hybrid system for generating, storing and distributing energy. The system itself is designed to allow for the testing of energy generation and storage from renewables, and the central system for software control and monitoring allows for the storage and analysis of all the generated data.

Trained staff will conduct training of future entrepreneurs who will be active in some of the segments of renewable energy sources, (students, unemployed, other interested entrepreneurs etc.). The topic of the training will be renewable energy sources, with the goal of allowing participants to gain practical insight into best practices, facilitating the development of new solutions and/or products in the field of renewable energy sources.
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